We have a simple approach – we partner exceptional management teams to execute active growth or change strategies to step change their business.

We are looking for

  • Businesses with accelerated growth strategies, for instance;
    • Creating a new industry player with an experienced team;
    • Industry consolidation;
    • Capital projects;
    • New disruptive business models;
    • Unique situations or opportunities.
  • An exceptional management team to partner.
  • An agreed strategy to unlock the potential.

We have an absolute focus on people and relationships

We collaborate with senior management teams, founding owners and partners who are capable, committed and “like-minded”

We have a constructive, partnership approach with a firm no blame culture and a practical “can- do” style

Partner and counterparty of first choice

We are highly protective of our reputation for effectiveness, fairness, user-friendliness and value-add

We credit our successes to thoughtful and positive investing

In combination with the ability to act decisively and quickly where necessary – without compromising investment principles

We are opportunistic – our experience has shown us that great opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes